About Us

Jurassic Fuels, Inc. was born out of a serendipitous encounter between two people who shared a common experience in the heating oil industry. Engaging in conversations about the numerous injustices surrounding fuel pricing and service, they were compelled to take matters into their own hands. In that transformative moment, their vision materialized, leading to the creation of their very own enterprise: Jurassic Fuels, Inc.

At Jurassic Fuels, we pride ourselves on setting a new standard in the heating oil industry. One key differentiating factor that sets us apart from competitors is our unwavering commitment to educating consumers about the intricacies of the industry. Here’s how we do that:

Great pricing, great value

Our pricing of fuel is a notable distinction. We are committed to offering you the most competitive prices every day. While it’s common for companies to make such claims, our commitment goes beyond mere words. As the cost fluctuates daily at different terminals, every company adjusts their prices accordingly. Admittedly, there may be days when Jurassic is not the absolute lowest priced option. Nevertheless, we consistently rank among the most affordable, even on those rare occasions.

Jurassic Fuels is committed to providing each and every customer with accurate information about the heating oil industry and the best possible fuel oil prices. Our primary objective is to be the most customer-friendly heating oil company in existence. We strive to offer the lowest prices while maintaining a team of helpful, friendly, and professional personnel. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2023, we plan to continuously decrease gallon minimums, introduce overnight emergency delivery trucks at no extra cost, expand our delivery areas, and offer additional discounts while enhancing our existing ones.

We deeply understand, and we are confident that you do as well, that none of what we accomplish would be possible without your invaluable support. Our ability to achieve our goals is directly reliant on the gallons we deliver. The quantity of gallons we deliver is a direct reflection of the number of loyal customers we acquire. Loyalty is greatly appreciated, and we want you to know that Jurassic Fuels is run by dedicated individuals who wholeheartedly believe in the importance of loyalty as a mutual commitment.

Give us a call today or contact us online, join us in our growth, help us spread the word, and you will not be disappointed!